Our mission

Our mission is to design and build the highest-quality pre-engineered homes and to stand out for offering a unique, professional, personalized customer experience, tailored to their needs.


Happiness is in our DNA. It's what drives all our projects. At Maisons usinées Côté, making you happy is what gives us...happiness!


Trust, at Maisons usinées Côté, is a prerequisite for everything we do. Our team, handpicked with great care, has the duty to personify this value as soon as you entrust your construction project to us.


At Maisons usinées Côté, the whole is always more interesting and powerful than the sum of the parts. Together, we will write a great story, your story.


The quest for excellence is our driving force. This is what enables us to surpass what's possible, expected, or even unimaginable! This is an opportunity to show you what we're made of.

Management team

From our family to yours, a Quebec family business proud to put our stamp on your construction project.


Réjean Côté



Virginie Côté

Vice President


Raphaël Côté

Vice President, Development


Benoit Leduc

General Manager


Maisons usinées Côté opened its doors in 1989 to build the highest-quality properties in accordance with industry requirements.


Maisons usinées Côté is a member of the Association of professionals in the construction and habitation in Québec. We ensures the quality and professionalism of the construction and protects the investment of the future owners.


Maisons usinées Côté maintains a regular relationship with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to provide its customers with outstanding advice and up-to-date information under any circumstance.


Maisons usinées Côté is an active member of the Société Québécoise des Manufacturiers d’Habitation, an association that includes manufacturers of pre-engineered homes committed to the highest quality standards and a strict code of ethics.

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Garantie de Construction Résidentielle strives to protect the interests of buyers and reduce claim cases — focusing on the quality of construction and prudently managing the risks associated with coverage.

At Maisons Usinées Côté, we are proud to be accredited by the GCR and have an AA rating! This is the highest distinction in the new residential construction industry!


Some of our employees are members of the Ordre des Technologues professionnels du Québec, which guarantees that our customers receive plans in accordance with industry requirements.


Genworth, through its subsidiary, Genworth Mortgage Insurance Company Canada (Genworth Canada), is the largest private insurer of residential mortgages in Canada. The company provides default mortgage insurance to residential mortgage lenders in Canada, which gives new home buyers easier access to property.

Our key partners